Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Exist...


1st tentang seorg guru thesist(doesn't believe in god) & muridnya..lebih kurang beginilah ceritanya,
he teach primary one student, one day he was thinking about how can he influence the student, then he get an idea..when he enter the class, he face the student..he take a pen then ask the children, "children, can u see the pen?"
"yes teacher, we can see the pen"
"children, does the pen exist?, yes or no"
"yes teacher, the pen exist"
then she throw the pen away then come back to the children & ask,
"children, can you see the pen?"
"no teacher, we can not see the pen"
"does the pen exist?"
"no teacher, the pen does not exist"
...good, then the teacher ask,
" children, can you see God?"
"no teacher, we can not see d God"
"does God exist"
"no teacher, God does not exist"
good,the teacher was smiling, but among the children, there 1 child, very intelligent
he said "teacher, can i say something?"
"yes, come here, say what you want"
then, this child come to the front & stand beside the teacher & address the class
"friend, can you see the teacher?"
then the other children reply "yes we can see the teacher"
"does the teacher exist or not?"
"yes the teacher exist"
"friends, look at him, can you see the teacher's brain"
"no, we can not see the teacher's brain"
"does the teacher has brain"



"assume, i am the creator of the pen"
"im manufacture the pen, im made the pen"
"im the creator of the pen"
"then, who the creator?"
"what is the creation?"
"the pen"
"now, can the pen see me?"
"no, the pen can not see me"
"why?, why the pen can not see me?"
"because , when i make the pen, i make the pen without the sensor to see me"
"the pen can not see me"
"but do I exist?"
"can I see the pen?"
"but can the pen see me?"
"can God see us?"
"can we see God?"
"why? because God created us without a sense to see God"
"just because the pen can not see me, does not mean im not exist"


"who paint monalisa?"
"leonardo da Vinci"
"did you ever see him?"
"but you believe leonardo d Vinci exist"
"see the monalisa, he painted the monalisa"
"that the prove that leonardo is exist"
"does God exist?"
"then the prove is HE painted the universe, and we are the potrait created by God"

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